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Desktop Paging Transmitters


A desktop numeric pocsag paging transmitter for paging to up to 999 capcodes.  Range up to 750m with standard antenna.



A desktop alphanumeric pocsag paging transmitter that holds up to 100 capcodes and 50 pre-programmed messages. Each message up to 40 characters.


A desktop alphanumeric pocsag paging transmitter with external keyboard and TAP protocol support. Holds up to 50 pre-programmed messages. 7 Alarm inputs.

ATX125 NRZ Transmitter

A stand alone NRZ transmitter used with the Selective data encoders (PDT2000, PDR2000, PSR2000) to create a low cost pocsag site paging system.

SPPSF - Store & Forward Transmitter

The SPPSF may be used as a pocsag store & forward repeater or as cross band or cross protocol (Flex to pocsag) repeater.




Restaurant & Patron Paging Systems

Handheld Paging Transmitters

Larger On Site Paging Systems

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