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Tescom TC-5910D Shielded Test Box

The TESCOM TC-5910D Shield Box provides RF isolation and signal connections necessary for mobile testing. 5910D has two RF ports and two EMI filtered data ports. With the RF coupling accessory and filtered control ports, TC-5910D makes an ideal solution for testing mobiles and small RF devices on the test benches of R&D, service, and QA


Cellular phones, modems, modules
Bluetooth devices

Wi-Fi, 802.11 Wireless LAN devices


High RF shielding
Manual operation
2 RF ports and 2 EMI filtered data ports
Easily customizable to meet various test needs


Freq. Range:

DC to 2.5 GHz,

Effective Shielding: > 70 dB, DC~2.5GHz
RF Connectors: 2 Type-N Female (SMA female adaptor inside)
Inner Dimension: 130(W) x 235(L) x 138(H) mm
Outer Dimension: 207(W) x 424(L) x 170(H) mm
Data connectors: DB25P-25S and DB9P-9S, RF filtered (1000pF), 50 VDC, 3 A max
Accessories Supplied: Type-N RF Cable, 1 DB9 and 1 DB25 Data Cable
Weight: Approx 4kg without accessories

Other Accessories Available

5910-10, Tubular Type Antenna Coupler, for 5910B
Frequency Range: 0.8 ~ 2GHz
Coupling Loss: 6 ~ 12dB

TC-93020A, Flat Type Antenna Coupler, 0~3GHz
Frequency Range: 0 ~ 3GHz
Coupling Loss: 6 ~ 20dB

93020-99, Customized DUT Holder for 93020A
4005-0006, SMAP Right Angle to SMAP Right Angle Cable, 7Cm

TC-93030B, Flat Type Antenna Coupler, 0~3GHz
Frequency Range: 0 ~ 3GHz
Coupling Loss: 6 ~ 20dB

93030-99, Customized DUT Holder for 93030A
4005-0015, SMBP to SMAP cable, 13Cm


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