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Restaurant Pagers & Paging Systems

Pagers and paging systems for use in restaurants and other food service establishments to alert patrons that their meal or table is ready, or to alert waiting staff of ready orders etc.


UHF & VHF transmitters for simple one button paging of E-Pagers (TE100) and numeric pagers (TE205).


Waiter Call Systems

These desktop transmitters send a unique message to preprogrammed pagers for each of the buttons. Generally used for waiter call but can be used for a wide variety of messaging requirements.





"Meal Ready" Numeric Sign

Paging controlled numeric sign for alerting customers or staff. Generally used for "Meal Ready" or queue management.


ALA02 Bistro Pagers & Charger

For advising patrons when their meal or table is ready. Instructions and advertising can be inserted into the perspex window and pagers are on charge when in the cradle/charger.


ALA05 Coaster Pagers

Stacking coaster shaped pagers for patron meal ready or table ready alert.





A03 Tone Pager

The A03 is a synthesised rechargeable tone pager. It is supplied with a 10 pager charger and used for waiter call or discrete meal ready alert.


Download Restaurant Paging Brochure

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Bistro Paging System

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