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Product Sheet


RePage Message Management & Filtering Software

RePage has been superceded by LogPage which now incorporates the message sorting and redirection capabilities of RePage.

The functions of RePage which are now available in LogPage are as follows:

Message Input Sources:

            Paging data receiver (off air decoder) unlimited CAP codes
            Serial data input            

Message Output Methods:

            Pagers via TAP, TNPP or direct interface
            SMS short messaging 
            Trunked or conventional data radios
            Serial data output
            Groups consisting any of the above


An unlimited number of filters may be applied to every incoming message or data stream. The filter selects messages according to key words in the text of the message or by the address of the sender or recipient.  As a result of a condition contained in a filter being satisfied, the result may be to: 

            Resend the entire message using one of the output methods above
            to a new Destination or Group of Destinations
            Replace some or all of the text of the message and resend.
            Add a prefix or suffix to the message and resend.
            Print the message.   


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