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RDC2000 Radio Data Controller

The RDC2000 is an MDT without a display and is used both as a base end interface for MDT systems and can also be used as a vehicle data controller when full dispatch is not required i.e. in AVL or vehicle management systems data transmission.

Base Controller

When used as a base controller the RDC2000 provides the interface between the wireless radio and the computer server running the mobile data gateway (usually Gatekeeper.) The RDC2000 is required for conventional and trunked radio systems and in some cellular based systems.

Vehicle Data Controller

The RDC2000 is used in vehicles when the mobile data system does not include a job dispatch or messaging component. In such instances the RDC2000 provides the data interface to the wireless system for such peripherals as GPS, portable data collectors (PDTs) or vehicle management systems.

When interfaced with a GPS for use in an automatic vehicle location (AVL) system the RDC2000 has all of the GPS data management capabilities of the MDT400 and WDT2000 including separate location acquisition and transmission criteria, on-board geofencing etc.

The WiPath wireless data network (WDN) structure which includes the RDC2000 is designed to minimise the number of transmissions and the amount of data transferred to keep data and wireless network costs to a minimum.

  • Automatic Vehicle Location
  • Vehicle Tracking
  • Vehicle Management
  • Vehicle Computer Interface
  • Over-The-Air configurability
  • Programmable
  • Time and date stamping of all data
  • Compatible with trunked and conventional
    2 way radios 
  • Compatible with CDMA & GPRS packet switched modems.

Wireless Interfaces Available

  • Cellular (GPRS, CDMA)
  • Data (Mobitex, Datatac)
  • Trunked & conventional radio

  • Other interfaces on request


Physical     220 x 70 x 33mm
Operating Voltage   12 24V DC
Nominal Voltage  12V
Power Usage (Maximum)  1.2W (ie, 150mA @ 12V)
Internal Modem 1200/2400 baud MSK modem
Real Time Clock  Battery backed Y2K compliant real time clock
GPS Ready On board GPS processing capability
Processor                         Mitsubishi M16 (16MHz)
Non Volatile RAM  256Kb (Expandable to 512Kb)
Volatile RAM 20Kb
Flash memory 256Kb (64Kb set aside for static config. data)
Input and Output  
Comms Interface Port TTL or RS232 level (invertible) rx & tx serial data
Peripheral Serial Port RS232 level input or output (Conditional)
Audio Interface Modem rx and tx audio, output PTT
Interface Connectors 1 x RJ45, 1 x DB9
Options & Accessories  
MDTBOB Breakout box (2 x serial ports, power, wireless
device I/F, regulated 5V for GPS or other)  
MDTEXP I/O Expander (5 serial, 1 parallel, Digital I/O)

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