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RCM2000 Relay Control Module For Paging

The RCM2000 is an expansion unit able to be controlled by any of our paging or wireless data products such as the PDT2000, PDR2000 or WDT2000.  It may also be driven directly from a PC or other serial output device using a simple command protocol. The interface with the controller is RS232.

The RCM2000 has 32 individually addressable relays and can be daisy chained with additional RCM2000s using RS232 to create a highly flexible remote control system capable of providing literally hundreds of outputs.

There are a number of ways of addressing the individual relays including a standard message protocol, by capcode or by a user selectable message text string. (Download Data Sheet)


No. Relay Outputs per board


Relay Load Capacity 

3A @ 250Vac/30Vdc

Serial Ports

2 (RJ45 - 3 pins used)

Relay Connector

Screw connectors

Serial Connectors




Current 50-100mA plus 16-20mA per activated relay. 800mA max.
Dimensions 194x147x35mm (approx7.5x6x1.25)

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