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PDT2000 - Paging Data Terminal

The PDT2000 Paging Data Terminal is a unique and innovative, multi-function paging device. Operating similarly to a standard pager or paging receiver but with a much larger (130 x 40mm) graphical LCD display, the PDT2000 is additionally capable of printing messages directly to a parallel or serial printer or outputting the message data via 1 or 2 serial ports.

The PDT also has four relay control outputs internally and may interface with the RCM2000 Relay Control Module for multiple relay control.

Other optional configurations include a pocsag paging encoder able to connect to a transmitter for repeater or rebroadcast applications and other specialised serial data inputs and outputs for control of devices such as LED signs, machinery, vending machines etc.


  • Easy to use intuitive user interface
  • Large 8 line x 40 character display (zoomable to 4 x 20)
  • Display area 130 x 40 mm
    (Approx 5 x 1.5 in.)
  • 40 x message memory
  • 10 x locked message memory
  • Delete-One and Delete-All functions
  • Print message function (1 button)
  • Individual Cap Code Printing (Programmable function)
  • Programmable data outputs
  • Time and date display
  • Pocsag encoder output
  • Time and date stamping of messages
  • LED Backlight brightness adjustment
  • Display contrast adjustment
  • Receivers available for most paging bands
    (VHF, UHF, 900MHz)
  • Pocsag and Flex versions available
  • Power requirements 12 volt DC
  • 2000+ CAP codes (pocsag)
  • Wall, vehicle or desktop mountable
  • Physical 214 x 70 x 45mm (excl. bracket)
  • Tilt mounting bracket
  • Battery backed real time clock
  • User settable display and alerting functions
  • Parallel printer output (centronix)
  • Serial data output (2 ports option)
  • Relay outputs (Up to 4 optional)
  • Relay Control Module outputs
    (32 relays per module)

  • Pocsag encoder output
  • Transmitter control (PTT)
  • TNPP encoding and decoding
  • Other interfaces on request
  • Desktop or Vehicle Pager
  • Off Air Decoder
  • Pager message monitoring
  • LED Sign Control
  • Relay Control
  • Message Printing
  • Cross Band Repeater
  • Cross Protocol Repeater
  • Store & Forward
  • Paging Printer
  • Paging Logger to PC
  • Remote Control of Serial Devices
  • For Other Applications Please Call
  • LogPage - Message Logging Software
  • RePage - Message Filtering & Redirection SW
  • i-Page - Messaging Software

PDT2000 mounted in a command vehicle of the Bureau of Emergency Services Telecommunications (BEST), Victoria, Australia.

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