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Pager Model Identification

On all Motorola pagers there is a 10 character alphanumeric serial number the first three characters of which identifies the model of pager.  For NEC pagers the last 3 digits of the model number are shown.

Use the following list to identify your model type: (NB: in some markets names may vary). Type: A=Alpha, N=Numeric, T=Tone


S/N Starts Model Name Type System
123 Timero N Pocsag
141 Scriptor LX2 A Pocsag
17A Scriptor FLX2 A Flex
21C Bravo 100 N Pocsag
234 Bravo Express N Pocsag
23C Advisor 200 A Flex
25B Bravo Jazz 200 N Flex
26B Maui/Megapro A Flex
28A Memo Jazz Flex A Flex
30C Scriptor Jazz 200 N Flex
348 Keynote T  
383 Advisor A Pocsag
406 Instinct Plus N Pocsag
42A Penguin/Jetski N Pocsag
492 Echo/EC-1 N Pocsag
506 Bravo Alpha A Pocsag
578 Scriptor FLX32 A Flex
584 Scriptor LX4 A Pocsag
615 Freespirit N Pocsag
665 Bravo Tone T Pocsag
666 Bravo Numeric N Pocsag
716 Bravo Plus N Pocsag
723 Memo Express A Pocsag
746 Keynote T Flex
82A Bravo 1Fx N Flex
90A Scriptor Jazz A Pocsag
99A Scriptor Jazz Flex A Flex


Model No. Ends

Model Name

Type System
4B Neo-Pop (Facts Replay) N Pocsag
11A/D 11A/D (Provider) A Pocsag
12A/D 12A/D (Relay) A Pocsag
20B Eureka (Tracker) N Pocsag
21A 21A (Index) N Pocsag
26B Opal (Companion/Vue) A Pocsag


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