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Neoterra Dispatch Software

Neoterra's Path-Track and Mobi-Dispatch are relatively low cost applications for messaging, AVL and dispatch and work with the WiPath MDTs to provide a very easy to use solution.

Clear, colour co-ordinated screens with intuitive 'workflow' designed layouts allow users to operate the solutions with a minimum of computer knowledge and training.

The range of products from have the same 'look and feel'.  This allows a migration path without costly and time consuming conversion.

Archive databases for the product suite are based on Microsoft Access.  This allows easy 'super user' access to the data via MS Access or Excel for advanced reporting or analysis.

All Neoterra product licenses include a 1 year upgrade offer.  Annual subscription services are available beyond the initial period. Please contact Neoterra for further information.

Path-Track - Messaging and AVL application

Mobi-Dispatch - All in one messaging, dispatch and AVL application

Microsoft MapPoint is the underlying source of AVL maps.  MapPoint is available in North American and European versions.

Neoterra's software is able to work with the WiPath WDN using Fleetsync as well as other radio, cellular and trunking protocols.

Link to Neoterra Website

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