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Software For Mobile Data Dispatch

WDN- Wireless Data Network

The WDN consists a Mobile Data Gateway (Gatekeeper) combined with intelligent Mobile Data Terminals to form a flexible and configurable, yet structured, voiceless job dispatch and messaging architecture. The WDN is able to be interfaced with a variety of CAD, JMS and CMMS software systems at the front end office and with a large number of different data capable wireless networks to provide end to end data connectivity between the office and vehicles & personnel in the field.

WiText Two Way Messaging Software For MDTs

WiText is a two way text messaging client that works with the WiPath WDN to provide a simple messaging capability to WiPath MDTs.

Automatic Vehicle Tracking (AVL) Software

Combined with WiPaths GPC2000 GPS controller or one of the mobile data terminals this software enables a vehicle be tracked and reports derived.

Computer Aided Dispatch and Job Management Software

WiPath partners with a number of companies that provide computer aided dispatch (CAD), job management (JMS) and Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) software for generic or vertical market applications. Each of these partners has integrated the WDN into their software for seamless mobile data systems integration.

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