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Gatekeeper - Mobile Data Gateway

Communications software for the management of radio traffic and carrier interfaces for wireless data and computer aided despatch systems.

Gatekeeper is a mobile data gateway that provides the software interface between a client application or back end business process (Job Processing or Computer Aided Dispatch) and the wireless data network. It may be installed on the same PC as the client software or may be installed anywhere else on a TCP/IP network.

Gatekeeper currently interfaces to conventional and trunked mobile radio networks(MPT1327/MAP27, LTR Fleetsync), cellular data networks (CDMA, GPRS), and may be interfaced to other mobile data networks (ReFlex, satellite, P25, iDen) on request.

It manages terminal addressing, queuing, message storage, radios out of range etc. This is all processed seamlessly with feedback to the dispatcher only when necessary. It is a very powerful software tool and is critical for achieving an effective, efficient and robust real time data transmission process.

Standard communications protocol modules are available for the inter-application communications or special interfaces can be provided if required.


  • TCP/IP communications with clients and with other Gatekeeper servers.
  • Simultaneous multiple wireless network interfaces
  • Serial interface to local wireless transceivers
  • Terminal ID management
  • Dynamic IP address matching (Cellular IP networks)
  • Traffic management
  • Transaction & status logging
  • Time & date stamping of all transactions
  • GPS location data transfer to mapping systems
  • On board serial device data transfer, e.g. barcode scanners, vehicle sensors etc
  • Fully Scaleable
  • Windows & Unix versions available

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