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Dispatchgate by Dispatch Management Solutions

dispatchGate Dispatcher manages all your jobs from one screen allowing you to easily monitor the progress of each job.

Feature Rich Job Management
Easy Job Entry
Quick Selection of client, job types, vehicles or staff
Group jobs not started together
Customisable data fields for each job
Tracks date and time of status changes
Staff job allocation statistics
Typical flow of job status changes

DispatchGate Reporter

DispatchGate Reporter provides reporting templates for Dispatchgate.

Typical Reports

Jobs by client
Jobs by vehicle
Job groups
Client list
Dispatched by day
Customisable #1
Customisable #2
Customisable #3

DispatchGate IVR

DispatchGate IVR allows customers to telephone in to automatically dispatch jobs. Customers enter their account number then jobs are automatically created and dispatched to vehicles.

DispatchGate Mail

DispatchGate Mail allows you to be notified in real time of completed job statuses by email.

Demonstration Software

Download DispatchGate
Download DispatchGate Reporter
Download DispatchGate IVR
Download DispatchGate Mail

Link to DispatchGate Site

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