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Mobile Data Terminals for AVL, Job Dispatch & Messaging


This robust, general purpose mobile data terminal (MDT) is styled for ease of use by a vehicle-based or field operator. The WDT3000 includes a full QWERTY keypad for rapid message input at the mobile terminal. Interfaces to most wireless communications networks including conventional or Trunked mobile radio and cellular or satellite data modules.


A rugged and powerful mobile data terminal for 2 way wireless dispatch applications.  Interfaces to most wireless communications networks including conventional and Trunked mobile radio or cellular data modules.


The MDT400 has been superceded by the WDT3000 above.

RDC2000 Radio Data Controller

The RDC2000 is an MDT without a display and is used both as a base end interface for MDT systems and can also be used as a vehicle data controller when full dispatch is not required i.e. in AVL or vehicle management systems data transmission.

GPC2000 GPS Controller

The GPC2000 is a low cost interface unit that connects a GPS receiver to a data capable wireless network for automatic vehicle location (AVL) and tracking.

Custom Mobile Data Solutions

WiPath Communications specialises in the development & manufacture of innovative and unique mobile data solutions including the mobile data terminal equipment (MDT) above and specialist AVL and other solutions. We can also develop unique customised solutions according to your own requirements. Please contact us with any mobile data requirements you have.

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